Install Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine

Let’s try to create a virtual machine with Ubuntu. Later in these post series, will try to install .NET Core into Ubuntu.

Ubuntu run in a VM

Let’s see how we can run Ubuntu inside a virtual machine.

Create a virtual machine with Ubuntu

Select Create a new Virtual Machine , then New Virtual Machine Wizard appears. in this example I selected a disc image of ubuntu (.iso file) or else you can install a operating system using a dvd. Click on Next

Personnel information

Enter your personnel information, a username and a password for ubuntu.

Name the virtual machine

Give a name for the virtual machine and install location.

Specify the disk capacity

Specify the disk capacity and virtual hard disk information

Customise hardware in the virtual machine

Customise the hardware if you want, You can change name of the virtual machine, location, hard disk size, memory etc.

Installing Ubuntu in a vm

Installation of Ubuntu will take few minutes.

Ubuntu is ready

Ubuntu in vm is ready,

Install VMware tools

We are going to install VMware tools. We can’t go full screen mode, If we haven’t install VMware tools.

VMware tools installer

Download VMware tools, and Let’s try to install it.

I downloaded VMware tools - 10.0.6,

Extract VMware installer

Right click on VMware tools zip file and select Extract To option.

Select extract location as Desktop

Select Desktop as extract location, and press on Extract

cd into VMware installer

Go inside VMware installer using cd command.

run VMware installer

Run VMware installer, using above command with sudo , sudo command means, you run this installer as a super user. superuser do

Now you can go to full screen mode.

Check Ubuntu version from terminal

Open a terminal and check Ubuntu version, We have succesfully Installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine.