ODATA Features


ODATA is a open data protocol to access data using REST architecture. ODATA is a Microsoft standard, but available with Android & IOS platforms as well. ODATA supports for JSON and Atom formats. With the help of ODATA , we can access data in variety of sources like relational databases, Web sites, File systems and Content Management Systems.

ODATA has more features than REST!

REST is an architectural pattern to implement a service, But with ODATA it’s going to provide more features to more sources like File systems, Content Management Systems. ODATA services supports for query options like filter, select, expand, order by and many more. As per our requirement, we can filter the result set, order as we want. And we can skip some rows, Even we can select the top row as well.

It’s 2016!!!!

Microsoft has introduced variety of features with Office 2016, If your old REST services are using ODATA protocol, We can implement a simple power BI solution just with Excel itself.

ODATA Versions so far

After ODATA V2 and ODATA V3, Now ODATA V4 has been released as a major release. If you want to build a open data service, we can use ODATA v4 with WebAPI 2.2 as a solution.